Kniaziv Ostrozkykh street 41/8, Kiev
+38 067 473 77 70
In a heart of a busy Kiev city center, the French restaurant of author's cuisine Graine de Moutarde has open its doors after rebranding
Warm wall color resembling Dijon mustard, cozy light of torchieres and alluring glare of hundred wine glasses will envelop you since the very first minute

A unique interior of the restaurant was created literally from a mustard grain by famous French architect Christophe Bachmann. The mill by the entrance, handmade vases, a wooden pillar from 17th century, a one-of-a-kind wardrobe in a enormous wine barrel and multicolor glass plafonds are only the elegant addition to the gastronomic discovers the our Chef and his team have prepared for you.
About us
Chef Ruiz Cyriaque is very attentive to every process of his kitchen
Starting from the careful selection of fresh ingredients of the best quality in the city to the very presentation of his dishes, reflecting those artistic techniques essential in author's cuisine.

He says, Graine de Moutarde is special for him, because this establishment was based on idea to create a restaurant with the athmosphere of hospitality and cordiality — eternal values that do not rely on the gastronomic trends. For our Chef the most demanding guest is a priori the most awaited one and to exceed his culinary demands will serve as the best professional reward.
A cozy summer terrace, panoramic windows, a vast selection of French and Italian wines
Our selection of Haute Couture mustard deserves a separate mention – produced in France, it travelled across the Europe to be presented in our restaurant. Mustard with estragon, tomatos and basil, sea salt, white wine, in total eight different kinds, that are served with all the main meat and poultry dishes of your choice. It can also be purchased separately.
Are preserved in a castle-like wine cellar decorated with gray stones, a banquet room for 6-8 guests with its own lounge area, also equipped with a modern multimedia center and a 3D screen for presentations and private meetings.